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The Memorial Garden is a scatter garden, which means that the place where ashes are interred is unmarked.  When our Lord appeared to Mary Magdalene in the Garden on the morning of the Resurrection, His response to her reaching out to Him was “do not cling to me.”  By this we understand that for Christians to cling to the body or the physical place where the body is laid to rest is to not take full advantage of the significance of the Resurrection.  However, names of those interred in the Garden are listed on the memorial stone.

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The columbarium is a beautiful storage cabinet for the cremated remains (ashes) of deceased persons.  It provides a safe, comfortable, theologically correct, ecologically sound and economical way to honor the your loved ones.   A columbarium provides a separate marked niche for each person’s remains.  Those interred within the columbarium will have a separate nameplate on the niche itself, as opposed to interment within the Memorial Garden, which provides for a nameplate on a general plaque with other names.  The price to purchase a niche in the columbarium is $2,000.  This contribution provides for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the columbarium and grounds and ensures that it will be a perpetual beautiful and warm environment for family and friends in the tender times of sorrow and grief.

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