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The sacrament of marriage is the celebration of the beginning of a lifelong union of two people. It is a solemn and public covenant in the presence of God and the gathered community and is a means of grace by which God blesses those who come to Him in love. Weddings are first and foremost worship within the Christian community. At St. Patrick’s we try to maintain dignity and simplicity in every liturgy, particularly that used for a marriage ceremony.

To marry at St. Patrick’s, one of the marriage partners must have been baptized, be a practicing Episcopalian in good standing, and be an active member of St. Patrick’s. Both partners must understand the sacrament of marriage as taught by the Episcopal Church. The Rector must meet with the couple and know both of them prior to the wedding through pre-marital counseling.  For this reason, we do not rent the church for weddings for individuals who are not part of the church community.  We invite those who do not have a church home to become a part of the life of this parish.

More detailed information regarding weddings can be obtained by contacting the church office.

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